Sugar River Llamas

Sugar River Llamas is a family operation. Our first llama, Jack, came to the farm in 1992, as a guard llama for a herd of sheep. We fell in love with Jack. He just fit right in with the flock and our life style. The next year, we bought Krinkles, a bred female. Now our llama herd numbers 47 - and more crias are due this year. We raise conformationally correct llamas with fine fleece - for breeding stock, guard, and pets. What do we do with our llamas? We have fun with our llamas! We hike with our llamas. It is great exercise and a wonderful way to start the day is to go for a walk in the woods in the back of the property. We have trails cut through the pine and mixed hardwood forest just for llama walking. Great trailing for halter or obstacle, too. We shear our llamas to harvest their fiber. There is nothing as wonderful as hand-spun llama fiber to knit, weave, or felt. Wisconsin summers are very hot and humid, so shearing our llamas is also a way to help them cool off during the summer, and to keep them healthy. And, that led to both of us becoming ILR-SD Llama Fleece Judges. Fran is also an instructor for llama fleece judging with the ILR-SD.

Farm Details:

Name of Owner(s): Ali & Fran Soukup
City, State/Province: Lyndon Station,WI
Phone Number: 608-666-3600
Web Address
Operating Since: 1992