Double S Llama Ranch

Established in 2016, Double S Llama Ranch is a llama ranch located in West Texas just outside of Abilene, in the Clyde / Eula area. Both Clark and Sonya were active duty with the United States Air Force for 25.5 years and were not able to own livestock until after their commitments to he USAF were fulfilled. In the summer of 2016 Sonya’s sister moved from Florida to West Texas. On the ranch they purchased was an abandoned gelded llama her husband named “Steve the Llama”. Steve lived most of his life alone, a feral llama on a farm in West Texas. The sellers of the property told them the llama came with the sister, brother in law, and mother had other plans and gifted Steve the Llama to Sonya. The rest, so they say is history! We have a variety of North American (and a Canadian) silky, medium, and moderately heavy wool crosses and are exploring adding a line of Classic llamas in the future. Our breeding program offers some of the most unique genetics in West Texas and we are proud of the foundation herd we have built. Our motto has been “from the strength of the industries past the DSLR future will be built”. This motto has guided much of the purchases for our foundation herd, many of which came from well known, established llama breeders whose bloodlines track back to the very best in the Llama industry.

Farm Details:

Name of Owner(s): Clark & Sonya Salisbury
City, State/Province: Clyde,TX
Phone Number: 325-668-8606
Web Address
Operating Since: 2016