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Pear Tree Llamas


Whether you are looking for llama information, llamas for sale, or wanting to visit a llama farm, you have come to the right place. The llama farms listed below can provide additional information on llamas, as well as information about their specific breeding programs. Many of these farms are active in llama activities and willing to help newcomers. We invite you to contact these farms to schedule a visit or for more information.
Pear Tree Llamas

State: UT
Member Since: 2013-02-19
Owners: Cathleen and Jerry White
Location: Midway, UT
Phone: 435-654-1047

Description: We are located in a high mountain valley about 50 miles east of Salt Lake City and have been raising llamas since 1996. We offer boarding services and llama support for community and public events. Our breeding program focuses on quality fiber; we sell raw fleeces, roving, and yarn through our website and events such as farmers markets and craft fairs. Although we focus on fiber, we also have animals for sale that would make excellent sheep guards, companions, show animals, or pets.