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Roxywood Farms


Featured below are some llama farms that welcome your inquiries about llamas, including llamas for sale. Many of these farms are involved in all aspects of llamas, from breeding to showing to training llamas for trekking. Below are the farms we highly recommend to you if you are beginning your search for excellent llamas or continuing to build your herd.
Roxywood Farms

State: TN
Member Since: 2011-10-25
Owners: Rebecca Wood
Location: Eads, TN
Phone: 901-233-7331


Description: Roxywood Farms is a Llama Farm Focused on Solid Foundations! We are a small family run farm approximately 15 minutes East of Memphis, TN and about 10 minutes off of I-40 . We choose to be a small farm so we can concentrate on improving the gene pool with every breeding, training our llamas at a young age to be well adjusted companions either for show, performance or as pets and to ensure the healthiest stock possible for the benefit of their future homes. We strive to produce square, balanced llamas with usable fiber either single coat or suri - in colorful patterns. Our genetics include Peruvian, Chilean and Bolivian lines.