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Meadow Haven Farms


Whether you are looking for llama information, llamas for sale, or wanting to visit a llama farm, you have come to the right place. The llama farms listed below can provide additional information on llamas, as well as information about their specific breeding programs. Many of these farms are active in llama activities and willing to help newcomers. We invite you to contact these farms to schedule a visit or for more information.
Meadow Haven Farms

State: OR
Member Since: 2012-07-10
Owners: John and Pam Trauth
Location: OR
Phone: 541-576-4209

Description: MeadowHaven Farms derived from our past time showing Old English Sheepdogs,and where fortunate enough to have striven excellence with our dogs,having been invited to multiple prestige dog shows over the years. We have been raising llamas since 1992 and where also fortunate enough to have met a lot of people in the industry to continue pointing us in the right direction,so that we also strive for the best to keep our namesake alive. We have been active with several boards to further the llama industry, LAMA,LANA.,and where also active in ALSA,RMLA,COLA and ILR. Recently retired from Federal Fire Service; picked up and moved the entire ranch to Christmas Valley, Oregon, to a quiet little town and hopefully continue with our llama experience. It started out with a FFA project for our daughter,who wanted to do something different and not just the norm.Since then we just continued with the llamas, we had so much fun it would not have made sense to quit. It has turned into a family business with grand kids helping out taking them to nursing homes,for therapy, youth shows doing the youth projects. We also shear llamas have been doing so for the past 7 years in the 3 western states.We provide in our shearing service shearing for comfort or show,toe nails,shots and all done in a humane chute where llamas and alpacas appear to be comfortable and not stressed. We welcome all to the farm to meet the llamas first hand.

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